The facility

Our unique technology comes as a mobile turn-key production unit where you can upgrade and liquefy your raw gas to liquefied biomethane. Liquid biomethane can be used as a fuel for trucks, farming machinery, buses, marine vessels or for other various needs in the industry.

The small scale of the production unit makes it suitable for agriculture farms, small waste water treatment plants and the food industries. The facility is housed in a 40-foot container.

End products and capacity

Liquid biomethane

The production capacity is approximately 150 tonnes of liquid biomethane per year, corresponding to approximately 2 GWh.


Our plant separates out about 220 tonnes of CO2 per year, which provides another commercial opportunity. There is a growing market for CO2 in, for example, greenhouse cultivation, brewing/softdrink industries and ice blasting.


The plant also produces about 35 kW of heat in the form of hot water, which can be used for heating of AD digesters and buildings ect.


We can help you find additional revenue that can be extracted from your business. The absolute numbers depends on your circumstances. The easiest way to find out more is to contact us. Tell us about your business and we will make a calculation.

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